The only headphones brand bridging the gap between music and sport!

We've had so much interest, here at Rivals HQ, from sports people looking to partner with us.

It's not really surprising. Rivals were developed with professional sports people in mind.

Pros from the worlds of: football, MMA, handball, winter sports, cycling, motor sport, the list goes on.

Quality is key. 

Look at the pictures of the pros on their way to the game. Stepping off the bus, nearly every pro has their cans on! 

Getting in the zone. Game face on. Ready to play. 



We will leave the audiophile experience to Sennheiser and Bose; the fashion to Skullcandy and the hip hop to Dre. The mainstream "thing" belongs to Sony and Philips.


Rivals are all about the gap between music and sport. It's not a big gap but Rivals fill it, and that's why the pros choose Rivals.



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